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Here is another name of God Jehovah Sharp Sharp Does it sound funny to your hearing? It shouldnt, not at all. I will show you how God can act sharp sharp over your situation, Open you Bible with me to 2 Samuel 6:1-23. We were made to know a man called Obededom, the poorest in the city of Israel. It was time for Jehovah Sharp Sharp to answer Obededom that was why the anger of God was kindled against Uzzah and was smote immediately before the ark of God (2 Sam 6:7). David the king was afraid of what happened and was very afraid of the ark coming to him(2Samuel 6:9). So he thought of where to keep the ark of God, then he thought of the poorest in the land of Israel who is of no relevance: And he carried the ark of God to the house of Obededom(2nd Samuel 6:10), and the ark of God continued in the house of obededom for three months. The presence of the ark of God in Obededoms house did not only blessed him but included his entire household. What a Sharp Sharp God. Obededom and family were made billionaires in just three months. Can you Imagine! If you were in the position of Obededom what name will you give to God. If it is me I will prefer Jehovah Sharp Sharp Note this It pleased God to destroy Uzzah just to make Obededom and household to be blessed. because if it was not that the ark of God struck Uzzah dead, David wont have thought carrying the ark of God to Obededoms house. To confirm this, 2 Samuel 6:12 said when David heard how Obededom and family have been blessed for just three months that the ark of God has spent with him. He immediately planned how to get the ark of God out of Obededoms house 2 Samuel 6:12. Dont think of how God can do it, Dont think of when God will do it, Dont think of those that has gone ahead of you! Because in due time you will overtake them. HE IS JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP JEHOVAH SHARP SHARP WILL ACT SPEEDILY ON YOUR BEHALF TODAY IN JESUS NAME!!!!!!!! GOOD MORNING GODS PEOPLE! Shalom!!!
Posted on: Thu, 07 Nov 2013 06:39:41 +0000

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