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In the middle of the cycle of the dandelion, they make many seeds... the seeds disconnect, fly up up, drift across, plant themselves in the ground and the cracks of sidewalks. That is how letting go feels to me. Like the middle of a cycle. And just like the dandelion seeds grow a whole new dandelion, all the ideas, feelings, people, places, parts of myself that I release... well, they grow back. They grow back new and fresh and in different ways and parts to be let go of again. Does this mean I did not let them go? No. It means there are many parts of things to let go of and until I grow I can not see all the parts or the different parts affect me differently at different times. I thought of this yesterday, after a pelvic floor yoga gathering at the Shakti Factory after we were asked, by the instructor, to bring back the sense of trauma that we had experienced to that area of our body and to let it go. Afterward, I had a short conversation with the instructor about cycles of being in our body and out of our body... and now, I am left with this, for a moment, this feeling like a dandelion. GOOD MID-MORNING to you, friends! Off to work, I go. https://youtube/watch?v=68VA5_6L90Q
Posted on: Wed, 03 Dec 2014 15:04:07 +0000

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