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[JESUS IS LORD],,,,,,...........Jesus said there would be false prophets,people who believe that God has sent them to offer instant solutions to people.they make promises of miraculous healing and financial prosperity.many of them claim that the blessings are reserved for people who have faith measured by the amount of money they send in.they have leaned how to use radio,television and other media to reach the masses.some of them have build extensive financial empires.they support their arguments by testimonies of the people who claim they had miracles performed for them.they even quote the Bible to affirm that no one can do these signs that u do unless God is with him[john3:2]. HERES WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT THEM.not everyone who says to me lord,lord,will enter the kingdom of heaven,but he who does the will of my father.many will say to me on that day lord lord,did we not prophesy in your name?and in your name we cast out demons,and in your name perform miracles?and then i will declare to them i never knew you;depart from me,you who practise lawlessness[mathew 7:21-23].how could people work miracles and do wonderful things in the name of Jesus no have his approval?the answer is in the text.THEY NEVER DID THE WILL OF MY FATHER.instead they acted according to there own way of doing and seeing things.Let me tel you friends!! false prophets are fulfillment of prophecy.they take advantage of and benefit from the credulity and fanaticism of others.when Jesus spoke of false prophets,he said that they would show great signs and wonders,so as to mislead,if possible ,even the elect one.[mathew 24:24].the matter is much more serious than we may have thought.the KEY word here is ;DECEIVED;According to Jesus during the last days,there will be a deception so clever,so powerful,that it will sweep millions.MY prayer is to saints,elect one.may the lord our God help you and all of us to meet with true men and women of God worldwide to help us move even one step a head for the glory of God. God called me to preach,teach,provoke,declare the year of God,to speak the word and the word will set his people free.To emphasize the Importance of the true doctrine to our people[1timothy 4:16 kjv].I have vision and mission for people of Kenya,But who gonna suport this vision? so that we can help our community and bring them from darkness to the light of God?? We really humble and say that all this vision will come through if you gonna support us to buy evangelical instruments.for the missions,crusades,seminars and conferences.Just buy even one speaker for us,two or even microphone,anything that God will give you to support us go to unreached areas of the country to preach,teach,provoke and deliver his people[2corinthians 9:7-8].for the glory of God. take a step dear friends and suport us,this is the time and the year of the lord in Jesus Name.let God speak with you and contact me,senior pastor,,,,,,, PASTOR SAMUEL NYAKUNDI GLORIOUS TRANSFORMATION CENTRE NAIROBI KENYA[EAST AFRICA] EMAIL [email protected] phone +254 720 896 750
Posted on: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 15:05:24 +0000

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