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Nigerian writers and artist(e)s in Niger State got three types of support from the Chief Servant last week when he approved the publication of works by the following new writers (marked ‘n’) plus some established ones for 2014. It is tagged Minna Literary Series: 1. FODIO AHMED (THIRST) POETRY - n 2. THEODORA GALADIMA (THE OUTSIDER) NOVELLA - n 3. DEBORAH OLUNIRAN (EWA) NOVELLA - n 4. HAUWA SHAFI’I (EMPTY CALABASH) NOVELLA - n 5. KHADIJAH ABDULKADIR (SHADOWS OF WITNESSES) PLAY - n 6. DANIEL IBIKITAN (THE WIND-CHASER) POETRY - n 7. NANA AISHA (NABEELAH) NOVELLA - n 8. HADIZA ISMAIL (HALO) NOVELLA - n 9. MARYAM MANKO (RED FACE) POETRY - n 10. MERCY ADAMS (NOT MINE TO HOLD) POETRY - n 11. HABIBA ABUBAKAR (THE COMING FAMINE) CHILDREN’S STORIES- n 12. YUNUSA (MC) (WHISPERS FROM THE NEIGHBOURHOOD) PLAY - n 13. KHADIJAH ABDULLAHI (GREEN AIR) POETRY - n 14. HUSSAINI YUSUF KODO (THE FAKE ALHAJI) CHILDREN’S STORY 15. TERFA DANJUMA NENGER (BOILING WATERS) POETRY 16. B.M NAGIDI (DIARY OF A CHAMELEON) NOVELLA 17. HALIMA ALIYU (THE BEAUTIFUL BOY) NOVELLA -n 18. ZAYNAB MANKO (COASTAL SOUL) POETRY - n 19. LITTLE THINKERS (INTERVIEWS) HILLTOPART TEEN AUTHORS 20. MARYAM BOBI (BONGEL) NOVELLA -n 21. NMAHASSAN (THE EMPTY CAGE) CHILDREN’S STORY 22. MUHIBB ASLU (WATER-LICKING FIRE) POETRY - n 23. ALAMEEN SHEIKH (THE FLIGHT TO ABYSINIA) PLAY 24. NATHANIEL DAVID (LEADERSHIP AND THE YOUTH) ESSAY - n A few months ago, the Agency published Saddiq M. Dzukogi and Paul T. Liam. Similarly, the Chief Servant has approved the construction of a Multi-media Unit for the promotion of film related activities, and Minna Art Gallery at the Niger State Book Development Agency. Also, the 2014 MBA International Literary Colloquium got its approval from the governor. It comes up from 10th – 12th November, 2014. Note that, the Nigerian Writers Series (under ANA) endowed by him is currently at completion stage. We remain grateful to Prof. Mohammed Kuta Yahaya who facilitated all of the above.
Posted on: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 06:49:09 +0000

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