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Oh Wha a awesome day I am having! Just thinking about the past varies loves that I was blessed to have shared. They all were most handsome, good hearted and giving men. The one thing I cant say about them, but can say about the love of my life is that, even though they had all the physical attributes a women could ask for, most faded in time. The love that has always been number one and remains steady , continuous, and unfailing, has never once lost any of the attributes He had from the day I acknowledge that He was my all and all; He is all I would ever need, and is truly the man for me, and is what any other women could ever hope for. He was there when three years ago my kidneys stopped, and my heart was so faint, that the doctors told my grand daughter Stori, if they did not give me kidney dialysis right then, I was going to die. She begged me to let them and I said no. They had needles in my neck, side and arms, and I said no. Why? because the Man Himself had promise me that I would see, and not need kidney dialysis until He took me home. That was some years ago when I had prayed that prayer, and I was holding Him to that promise that He made to me. Now how can anyone give up or even compare a love like that. We all make promises, but can we keep them? Especially when they count. I can testify today that once I could not see (physically) and now I do without any medical eye-drops; I have never had to take one pill for my kidneys or medication since the day I walked out of that hospital. Somebody tell me that the God I serve is not an on time God! Somebody tell me that even though the doctors were amazed, that one of them had to come to my bedside and ask me, what kind of faith I believed in. What amazed me was that the question should have been, please tell me how I can get in-touch with your God, this amazing miracle-worker, who is right on time when even the knowledge He gave us failed, yet you lived. Stay blessed.
Posted on: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 22:53:19 +0000

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