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Okay, so Ive been quiet about the Supreme Courts ruling in the HObby Lobby case, mkay, I was going to remain quiet for all of eternity, but Ive been trolling my local spots, and noticed that people are pointing out that only four of the 20 contraceptives offered by Hobby lobby are going to be denied. See, its not about that, even though I believe that they should be covered (I could go on forever about that presudo-science that HLs legal team came up with....) This is going to go farther than Hobby Lobby, this case has literally opened Pandoras Box. Other corporations can now deny other types of medical coverage from employees based upon the religion that the CEOs or Boards carry. So what if the company youre working with has a president thats a Christian Scientist who doesnt believe in medicines like anti-depressants and the like, well thanks to Hobby Lobby, they can deny covering these types of medicine. Are you getting at what Im saying? Yeah, so to get off my soap box, this goes farther than access to birth control so...lets stop hiding behind it. By the way, Corporations are not living entities with religion, that ruling was bogus... (And my political rant of the month is done...)
Posted on: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 01:37:19 +0000

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