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P.S.A...P.S.A... Its really interesting to LOUDD Magazine, the mindset of some of these local artist...statements like I dont need to prove I have fans really dont make sense to me. Shouldnt you want MORE fans? Wouldnt a showcase thats tailored to introduce you to a different fan base, be something you would WANT to be a part of? Wouldnt the opportunity to win $500-$1,000 appeal to the artist whos trying to make it in the industry? If not the money, wouldnt the leverage. Theres something wrong here, and it makes no sense why there is no support here between artists, producers, and venues. Someone please help Loudd Magazine to understand this, where is the unity, the movement, why is there so much talent in this city but no TRUE exposure and support?? Im just really confused and disappointed to announce that the WHOS HOT!!! $500 TOURNAMENT!!! POWERED BY M.O.S RECORDZ & LOUDD MAGAZINE,which was developed 2 months ago, is CANCELLED DUE TO THE LACK OF REGISTRATIONS (we only had 4,and 2 were out of state). REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED.
Posted on: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 15:12:07 +0000

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