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Page 17 Look around you What do you see? Just a little closer Sometimes we dont see What is around us We are soo busy Looking for ....... ......other things Buying new things Seeking new friendships New relationships Sometimes we even Shrink away Cant be bothered or asked Its a vicious cycle I think I got caught But actually we all do Sometimes we get a do over Like a kick start But have we really learnt the lesson? A lot of the times Its not about me Its so much bigger than me The paradox of it all We are vessels We are mediums We are a divide Between this world and the next Between two friends Between two circumstances Just between.... Think about it How many chances do we get? How many mistakes have we made? Do we really learn before asking for another chance? Human nature can be very inept Dont get caught up Remember the last time? When you thought oh wow! Good or bad? What has change now? Dont get caught up Silence Thoughts Actions Words Life Human nature Forgiveness Chances Never give up Live. We are all here for a reason.
Posted on: Mon, 07 Jul 2014 12:30:41 +0000

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