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Part 2 for amy! H-harry? you spoke. Yes love? What happened to me? You fainted. he said with a grin. Why are you smiling? Amy, I have wanted to ask you this for a while, and I know what I did was wrong. I am so sorry for what I did. I just wanted to see if you would forgive me by marrying me? You sat there in your bed with your eyes staring into his emerald eyes. You were clueless. You were mad at him, yes. You did still love him, yes. But could you forgive him? Harry, what if you do the same thing? What would I do? Move out on to the streets? you asked. Never my love! You will stay with me in my arms! I will never let you go! His voice made you week inside and you finally blurted out yes. You will? Yes! He slipped the ring onto your finger and gave you the longest kiss he has ever given to you before. *2 years later* Im still sorry for what happened on that night, harry stated, But I never forgot how you saved me by saying yes. You are my life, my everything. Without you, I would still be a loner. I love you Amy. And I always will. His vow made you cry. Your makeup was running and he frowned at you. Why did you wear makeup? You know you are beautiful without it. I am? You are. The priest said, I now would like to announce that Harry, you may now kiss your bride. Harry brought you in close and kissed your lips softly. Awes were everywhere in the room. I now pronounce, Mr. and Mrs. Styles! the priest yelled with joy. THE END HOPE YOU LIKE IT! -Louis Love
Posted on: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 01:50:00 +0000

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