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Political Parties in PNG While we argue and support or discuss about policy and development issues, we forget that almost all MP belong to a political party. We have 43 registered parties. Some are pioneers like Pangu, United, PPP, Country, Melanesian Alliance, National. Some formed after Independence are offshoots from pioneers such as PDM, and to PNG Party from Pangu and to NA and to THE Party. PAP and PNC from National Party and list goes on. The Registrar issued Show Cause to deregistration to 37 parties out of 43. We talk about democracy, participation, governance but are we creating institutions that govern the country but focussed on MPs. Should we be directing our voices and resources to develop the country to build strong institutions and worry or talk after elections are won, govts formed and policies decided. We should equally build up political parties because thats where PM and Ministers and Opposition Leader and Shadow Ministers come from and that is vested by Constituition, OLIPPAC, PM Act , and Standing Orders. We might end up with independents coming with divergent policies and programs. Notice by Registrar in both dailies.
Posted on: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 13:27:36 +0000

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