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Prayer warrior list for October 5, 2014 Grace elevates to warrior. She was forced out of the hospital and into rehab. They are trying hard to get her to fight. Brandon elevates to Warrior. She had to be rushed to emergency surgery last night due to a leaking bowel. Debbie P needs her heart valve replaced. she has reached a point that it will be replaced. One step closer her dental exam showed no infections, no cavities and the heart work can begin. Will tell you date as soon as I know it. Baby Clay was seen on video with his momma standing on command. This poor child is brain damaged, blind and beaten to death and brought back by rescuers after a family friend shook him. He was never expected to do many of the things he is doing as he is still considered in a persistent vegetative state. Big things happening for baby clay. He is trying his hardest. CF has some serious situations going on, and while not all the details will be known, she deserves to be in the warrior group. Sophia Sinyard 3 years old stands in Warrior due to Tuberous Sclerosis. Really been a tough life for this brave little girl. She just had her 2nd brain tumor removed. They got it all. now the healing begins again. Phyllis Kimbrough a wonderful woman who is only in her 50s and is suffering from cerebral atrophy. Now wheelchair bound and the MDs took forever to diagnose her and now offer her no hope, no cures, no treatments. She is not a quitter so prayers will be appreciated.Vik will update when she can. This condition is only expected to worsen and she will be a long timer on this list. As each day passes she loses more ability to stand, walk, roll, or take care of her own needs.There is nothing they can do to stop the progression. We will rarely get updates on this wonderful woman. UPDATE her disease progresses, and she remains steadfast that folks need to remember her the way she was, and not the way she is headed. Its been a real struggle with depression, bargaining, and acceptance that this whole thing cant be fixed, and each day brings her a step closer to losing more abilities and functions. PRAYER LIST REQUESTS FOR October 6, 2014 Paul needs a new lung. prayers appreciated. Anyone have updates on any one they placed in prayer status? Healing, not healing, depression, hanging in there? Let us know. Peggy Whitmore is fighting triple negative breast cancer. she just finished her 9th chemo. she is fighting hard. anyone have an update or anything? Toni requests prayer for a sciatic nerve condition. She is healing, but one step forward one step back. She must move back to her SC house very soon or risk being caught in the brutual snows of NH. Hard work to wrap up a house and winterize it for the long season. The harder she works the more her back hurts, but she cannot rest till she gets to SC home. A viscous circle. Barbara Jean is really having trouble with her achy bones and has been having episodes of chest pain. Stephanie was tried on some new meds that everyone had high hopes for but she broke out in a wildfire rash and had to quit, and go on steroids. Back to square one. Toni requests prayer for Kristin. She is 30 and went into full cardiac arrest. There was some brain and body damage done. While she is making progress its slow. She was moved to a rehab where she is going to take more PT and speech rehab. Her smile lights up the world I am told. Cyndi Irving requests prayers. She inst ready to speak why. We know that before she speaks it God knows her needs and is by her side. Please turn it over to God. We are here if you need to speak Cyndi. Kims mother, Imogene, is doing a little better but she asks we still pray for her. and so we shall. t this may slip thru the cracks in my panic. Please know I am trying. If I forgot anyone or you need to add someone, please do so
Posted on: Mon, 06 Oct 2014 12:11:04 +0000

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