REPOST!!!! FROM HAYDEN PASCUAL Daniel is deserving for the title, however, the voting system is not fair dahil it is prone for manipulation, gang up and strategy which will deter to come up with a believable result where the winner should be voted by the majority. Which unfortunately doesnt happen here. Injustice is happened here and I am disappointed PBB Management and to all who are behind the formulation of this voting system. BBE should not be applied in determining the ranking of Big 4 coz you will not get the real winner or ranking here. Tama lang sana na one vote per sim para fair sa ahat ng voters wether mahirap o mayaman everybody can afford a single vote. Pero yung having BBE is not fair kc BBE is 3x powerful than BBS kc apat yung contender. Natural lang na ang iboboto ng mga voters for BBE e yung nangunguna sa previous voting which is Jane. Kaya Jane again become a victim of gang up and strategy. Malaki g kamalian at injustice ang nangyari dito. Here is the scenario, dahil si Jane ang nanguna sa last voting despite of having BBE, it posted a big threat to all supporters of other 3 contender, so most probably they will put their BBE to Jane to assure that their contender which have a big chance for Big Winner. For example if total voters based on no. of sim card is 100%. Even jane get the BBS of 50%, and the three for example is equally 16.67%, if voters supporting the tother three will BBE jane that make up 50%. Jane will end up 0 and no way to win.she is so lucky that she end up 3rd place imagine by 0.05% margin with Vickie where the BBS of jane is almost 20% in compare with Vickie which is less than 5% , a 15% margin. Is this fair, where is the justice here? Having one vote per sim should be enough to avoid getting unreliable result due to money talks but having BBE on determining the ranking is not fair and injustice. If they want the BBE to be added, it should not be equated equally with BBS, it should be 75% for BBS and 25% for BBE. I think Daniel still will win the title if this is the case but at keast it is fairly done because it is so unfair with the supporters of Jane who wasted their time, efforts and money and what they will get? A negative result, that is insulting,distasteful and unfair. I hope this comment will get through to PBB management coz i know a have a solid case and valid reason why I felt the result is unjust and unreliable because of wrong mechanics of voting.
Posted on: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 04:51:57 +0000

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