RRB EXAM QUESTIONS ASKED IN AFTERNOON SECTION YESTERDAY 1) Abbreviation of AIMA ? All India Management Association 2) Human Rights Day Observed on ? 10th December 3) Minister Of Consumer Affairs And Food And Public distribution? Ram Vilas Paswan 4) 7th IBSA Summit 2015 will be held in? India 5) Who is administerd Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana ? LIC 6) Currency Of Netherlands ? Euro 7) Roger Federer related to which Sport ? Tennis 8) Capital of Australia ? Canberra 9) 1s Complement of 10 ? 10) Prime Minister Narendra Modi commissioned___ _____at the Naval base and most powerful guided missile-destroyer? - INS Kolkata (but i choosed INS Kamorta in confusion ) 11) Who is B.K.S Iyengar, who passed away recently? Yoga Guru 12) Which largest private sector bank, has launched EMI (equated monthly installments) facility on debit cards ? ICICI. 13) RBI recently give licence of which Microfinance instiution ? Bandhan 14) Which of the following are not true about RTGS? It has no upper limit. 15) Which of the following are true about Stale cheque..?= the validity perios of 3 months is alreasy over 16) How much amount for Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana? 17) Full form of CTS? Cheque Transaction System.. 18) Surya Kiran-7 military exercise is being held between India and? Nepal 19) Youth olympics held at - Nanjing, China 20) NEFT limit for Nepal - 50000 21) Which country tops in wind power production - China 22) TARC Committee - Parthasarathi Shome 23) AIMA Business leader of the year - Adi Godrej 24) Overall Non performing assets percentage in all banks - 25) Forward and future market regulator - FMC 26) First indian to win fields medal - Manjul Bhargava 27) The term dracula was first coined by whom in his novels - 28) Highest Urban population in - Maharashtra 29) One question from railway budget 30) Nimoo bazgo power plant is in - Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 31) Parliamentarianaward given to whom along with arun jaitley, sharad yadav -Karan Singh 32) The Ken-Betwa Link Project links - UP and MP 33) Approximately there are how many ATMs in 2014 - 34) Which company launched first smartphonein India in 1994 -
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