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Remember Korea? We stayed there. Were still there. WE had to forever. Remember Iraq? We didnt stay there. The president was playing politics, not president. A 5th grader with a good history class could have predicted this outcome. It makes me incredibly angry to think about the AMERICAN guns, vehicles, and equipment that ISIS is using to kill the innocent. Yes, not only did we abandon the years of investment in the region, we left the hardware to muscle up their effort. NOW? We are in panic, actually back in war, BLOWING up equipment that WE paid for. So we are paying a half million dollars per strike to blow up things that we ALSO paid for. WHAT? That would be like leaving a cache of guns in the state prison cafeteria...and sending all of the guards home. WHAT do you THINK they are going to do?? MEMO: To the president and all policy makers! A percentage of ALL Muslims are extreme. When you have a Muslim population you WILL have craziness and constant terror. Period. The end. WE must stay in the region. Sorry. But thats better than the alternative. So, if you are a consciences American, you are saying about now....we cant afford war. are SO right. We cant. Want a solution to that? SOLUTION: Lawmakers, listen up. Let competition and the free market work. Remove the strangling regulations that are hampering EVERY part of the economic sector, from manufacturing to banking....whether a small business or a large corporation...this administration is STRANGLING them!! He is anti business. How do we expect to keep large corporations when we have the highest corporate tax rate IN THE WORLD!! Yep, in the world. We are constantly hearing this administration ridicule big business for taking jobs overseas....well the truth is many have to take the jobs global to afford to keep ANY of the jobs here. The profit margin is so low in the United States....they MUST move part of the operation to a country with a lower tax rate to keep ANYTHING in the US. Make sense? It would be like this...pretend my lawn care guy works for me for $50 dollars a week. His helper charges him, $25 of the $50. I impose a $20 tax on him, and his gas costs $5. He now has a profit of $0. So he can quit...go out of business......even though he likes mowing grass and he LOVES mowing my grass. So, he decides to mow my neighbors grass who will NOT charge him a he has $20 dollars profit, and will continue to mow my grass in spite of my hefty $20 dollar tax that is his entire profit margin. In this example, I am the United States with a nearly 40% corporate tax rate. I strangle the lawn guy out of business...until the lawn guy decides to go to another location (country) and deduce a profit from a less greedy situation. Do we want jobs? This would create jobs. Canada lowered their tax rate and their economy is surging!! LISTEN up. THIS would work. Next, APPROVE the Keystone Pipeline! NOW! WHAT in the world are you waiting for? So three things to correct economy. Yes, its that simple. 1) Strip ALL of the fluffy, liberal agenda regulations. QUIT overprotecting citizens that have iPhones, google, and tremendous research ability. LET the FREE market work. 2) Lower the corporate tax rate. LOSE your BIG government dream and let AMERICA be the innovative country that we are. STOP strangling us. 3) Energy. ALL energy. Period. Issue permits, stop being stupid. Approve the pipeline. Stop being stupid. Quit spazzing about fracking. Quit being stupid. Do these three things, we are healed. Within 18 months we would have jobs, government cash flow would increase tremendously. Our worldwide respect would sky rocket. Our economic leadership has been laughable. Therefore our respect is non existent. The world respects our story, but they dont respect the latest chapter. The answer? Vote the Bible. The conservative candidates believe in morals AND commerce. Sorry liberals. You lose. Footnote: Why do we keep giving Muslims student visas? The State Department, who clearly has been guilty of NOT being realistic, and ALWAYS being politically correct, allowed the 911 hijackers into the country. Why? Your religion wants to infiltrate our best change us, if not kill us...uh? NO. We will NOT give you a student visa. Why is that hard? #truth #voteinnovember #keystonepipeline
Posted on: Fri, 12 Sep 2014 13:44:18 +0000

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