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Solstice! revealing... greybookofrunes.blogspot/2012/01/hahalruna-and-el-mushajjar.html sometimes there are strange connecting pieces that come out in physical forms that stick around but not in human relationship which is inherently temporary (ya kno mortality & what-not). in 2010 I was gifted a set of runes (from the FREE STORE in Oly) from clel (a person who lingers in my soul family but whose human form is always very disappointed in me). I suppose that was when I started using runes for divination and studying their meaning and origins as they are a Norse alphabet. I have read various history on these bets but either way they are related to the Phonecian alphabet and that is related to the Arabic & Hebrew languages. And that is related to me. Later that winter, I remember because I was taking Photography and was more into it than any of my other classes, and for some reason I was able to focus for longer periods of time that winter. One day I was sitting on the bus holding the rune ISA in my hand. I knew it represented ice and that it was winter and I was trying to grasp the meaning of what that all could mean. A man who constantly stuttered and spoke outloud randomly was sitting across from me in the back of the bus going down Division St. and it was right around 17th St. that he spoke outloud what I thought was the answer to my question, he said something like, Sometimes there is nothing happening and a big nothing is happening and opens up a space and in that space nothing could be happening for a really long time. But it would take that much space for something new big and exciting to fit into it, like a puzzle. Basically, that something that was of such great importance to your life, for it to enter your life, it would need that BIG of a space emptied out first. So I am reminding myself of this meaning of this time of the year when plants die and animals hibernate, and the sun shines less, and there is more stillness, that all that increased quietude creates room for future noise & sunshine. Just remembering how much washing away is necessary, clearing away old dirt, starting over, or even just taking the time to be still feel no obligation and just stand or whatever it is that is just being present and not necessarily doing anything can do for you. As much as I love everyone I know, I know it is okay for us to be apart as much as it is to be together. The space connects us when it is both full and empty and both connect us to one another. lovelovelove&iceiceice, Nur*hugs*
Posted on: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 15:27:33 +0000

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