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True Vine Ministries International (Murombedzi Zone) Revival Speaker : Apostle H D Nyamundanda Title. : But Scriptures : Judges 3 vs 12 - 24 The Name Of The Revival Is But - The children of Israel sinned against God, so God then sent an allied force of the Moab & Amalek to fight against the Israelites & the Israelites were smote - You can only be defeated by your enemies if God has permitted & only if they are allied because one one they will not stand a chance - The children of Israel served Eglon the king of Moab for 18 years - But when children of Israel cried to the Lord, He rose them a deliverer (Ehud) : even if God is punishing you, he will never forsake you & abandon you for good! - Ehud was a left handed man & because left handed people are regarded as weak : he chose him with disabilities to prove that with Gods intervention you are untouchable & greater than anything, though you failed schooling, you are poor, you are a reject of people, God can make you someone great because He is here to cancel your past & make you a better person! - Let your enemies, witches & devils, be allied but from today you are untouchable - there is resurrection power in your life today tomorrow & forever from the before but bondage - the twelve tribes of israel came from two woman (Rachel & Lea) & there background was not straight & no matter your background is meagre & not straight God loves you & here is here to uplift you :-never listen to people who talk about your history just tell them that, that was then & this is now & that you are a true son of God & that God loves me because he will never abandon me! - Ehud sharpened his small knife & gird it under his raiment upo his right thigh while he was left handed: take your burdens, sorrows, lack of money, healthy & education, from the left(world) & appeal to (God) your right, & allow him to take control from your inequities that you can live your life under Gods control (miraculous) & remember he is a provider (jeremiah 31 vs 33) because all the riches belongs to Him - Ehud went to the palace & asked to see the king, Eglon who was naw very fat man, to so deliver the message from God & wanted only the two of them(Ehud & Eglon), so all stood & went away - A but statement in the bible is meant to changed everything(no) to good & Apostle has came with but to erase your past & start something new that is good - Your buts are starting write now! - So Ehud put forth his left hand & took his knife from the write thigh & thrust into his stomach & the knife was closed by the fat that he could not pull the knife out & Eglon the king died - God is here to smote all your enemies, witches, poverty, sickness, instabilities & anything evil you can think about by placing a but in your life We have our Revival: Venue : GonzoGuzha Hall Murombedzi Time. : 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm Dates : 13 - 18 october 2014 Title. : But You are all invited Deliverance, healing & prophecies will be upon your life, & remember admission is for FREE! Came & witness the power of God, NaJesu Zvinoitaaaaaaaa!
Posted on: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 07:33:13 +0000

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