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WHY I REFUSE TO HAVE MY SIMS DIE: After creating and recreating, installing and uninstalling... I finally have my perfect sim community and been playing it for way over 2 years! Tennis being a passion of mine, I created my perfect TENNIS town based on all my favorite (and some hated) tennis players. Theres Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf and their kids, Jaden and Jaz. Theres Pete Sampras and Bridget Wilson and their 2 boys, Roger Federer and Mirka with their twin girls... theres Rafa Nadal and uncle Tony, Novak and girlfriend Jelena, Andy Murray and girlfriend Kim, the Williams sisters.... and more. When the Mystery Island came along, I added younger players... and near the bingo hall, I added some seniors. There is not a single sim in my communities that arent REAL people. So AGEING them and KILLING them is UNACCEPTABLE!! EA, you have already KILLED the legendary ROD LAVER!! Are you killing others tennis greats Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King next? Theyre seniors. As Ive said in an earlier post, Ive hundreds of dollars worth of EA games in my laptop. But my investment in. Freeplay is more due to the time Ive put in and my attachment to my sims. If not for oh-so numerous glitches Ive encountered all these years... I should really have way more than the P25-M+ in simoleons, a few hundred LPs and SPs (which Id been earmarking for some stuff) and my town would be way more than the P50-M+ it is now. (For many many many months I didnt receive the daily cash in the mail!) So I beg you EA, STOP THE SIM MASSACRE!! (My sims as most of everyones are AGEING more or less at the same time... so when they start dying... It is a MASSACRE!!) I NEVER post but this time I have to because I feel VERY VERY STRONGLY about this development. Meanwhile, instead of going to school, work, doing hobbies... all my sims are IDLE. I will wait for the correction update to be released. Please do not disappoint all your loyal users... And STOP THE SIM MASSACRE!!
Posted on: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 03:20:11 +0000

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