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dear black south africans i have decided to sit down and inform u that we dont need black people in our lives.they have made us slaves for more than five hundred years.we dont need white people in this country they should go back in europe where they are from.we the indigenous pple of this land are living in sharks whilst those hu had stolen everything we owned are livng in heaven house.they have taken alot from us and yet wanna take our special day where we celebrate ourselves now thy are turning heritage day into a shebeen braai and beer day.they brag about wealth thy are whilst we built everything for them.they knw nothing we cook for them,raise their children for them and made money for them.its time for us to fight for what is right fully urs.white pple have never liked us but yet we were foist to forgv nd let go so plz tell me how do u forgv smeone hu had nvr said sorry which brings me to the national antherm when it comes to it my fellow south african we robbed ourselves how can we put the afrikaans part to amost important song of the country can admit that afrikaans is not our indigenous language it is the slang of the dutch and that english part is light a young whiteboi was at kwagqalane and met a black young rapper and decided to do a remx..i dont hv to remind u abt the political journy whites had but i can say they oppresd us,killded our sister,brother,fathers nd mums thy should be sent in spain,madagascar,italy where thy cme frm in all thosee european countries bcs thy are the children of hitler,elizabeth not shaka zulu or makhande nxele.zimbabwe showed us we can live wthwt them,we cn hv a grt country that cn be a tourist destion wthwt whites bcs thy killed our humanity nw we are left wth no honsty urs sincerely sikhokhele menzi
Posted on: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 12:13:26 +0000

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