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https://youtube/watch?v=d_uZDHybEc4 TWISTED PIECES is a dramatic thriller currently shooting in and around Toronto, that pits a vengeful ex-soldier against the wits of a demonic surgeon who abducts people, and sells specially preserved trophies-human pieces-to the highest bidder. CAST: Ry Barrett, Sandra DaCosta, Robert Nolan, Jeff Sinasac, Dan Park, Madison Ferguson, Astrida Auza, Laura Piccinin, Katie Buitendyk, Rinya Cyrus, Brian Quintero, Jane Pokou, Brian Carleton,Shay Galor . - CREW: Make-up: Sarah Amanda Milk - Sound: Francis Sebastian - Trailer sound track composed by Adrian Ellis and Xhanto Directed By Ryan Ellis Written By Roy French : royfrench Screenplay By Roy French Produced By Roy French Edit Contact Info Website twistedpiecesmovie https://facebook/TwistedPiece... @twistedpieces
Posted on: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 03:29:28 +0000

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