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ok here is a great message I was sent along from with a friend request. I hope alot of people are not so dumb to believe in this crap. I know some people fall for it because if they didnt. these predators would not be trying to find more victims. please becareful!!. I copied this folder from my own messages and my response to him. Conversation started today 3:19pm Kendon Landor Dear friend. We are a company in Ghana and in search of buyers and interested brokers who will buy, or help us to find the reliable market or customers for gold. The brokers commission is discussable, but I am proposing 10% of any financial transaction in which the brokers services will be employed. I do here declare my interest and willingness to open up discussion in respect of this at your earliest convenience FULL CORPORATE OFFER OF GOLD: 1. AU METAL Commodity: Au metals (gold dust) Quantity: 100 kg available Quality: 22+ carats Discount: 5% Purity: 92.5% Packaging: 2 metal boxes Price: $40,000 per kg. Country of origin: Ghana Present location: Tarkwa , Ghana Validity of offer: 10 (ten) working days. 2. AU METALS Commodity: Gold bars (weighing: 0.01kg. each.) Quantity: 150 kg Quality: 24 carat Discount: 5% Country of origin: Ghana Present location: Accra , Ghana Packaging: 1 (one) metal trunk Price: $42,000 per kg Validity: 10 (10) working days SHIPMENT: The shipment will be carried out by freight and through a forwarding agent based at the Kotoka International Airport , Accra . OUR TERMS OF DELIVERY: There are alternatives in terms of delivery. 1. Either the buyers travel to Ghana to meet the firm directors and sign agreement on which the transaction is based. This will also give buyers the opportunity to examine the whole volume of gold. Hope to hear from you for a business and good partnership. . ... 4:33pm Janice Ivey-Bloomfield you know what an idiot you are?? Do people really believe this crap, because I certainly do not. I sir am not an idiot. Sell your crap and lies to the people in your country. You are spam and have been block . ...
Posted on: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 22:39:14 +0000

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