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12 things you may not know about me. (Like and I will give you a number to make your own list) I was raised first catholic, then baptist, until finally choosing pentecostal. I am not a morning personality in the morning. I play guitar; and my ideal goal is to play like Despite all the nicknames and teasing of my first name all my life. I actually do like my first name and would not want to change it. I am double majoring in Psychology and Communications right now. Meanest thing I ever did was when I was a kid I use to bully and make put downs on this kid and his 2 little sisters who were younger than me to the point that I would cause them to cry and become afraid of me. My 2 favorite actors of all time is Denzel Washington and Robin Williams. I use to be ambidextrous until I became comfortable writing with my right hand. I know half of the lyrics to Rappers Delight by Sugarhill Gang. I have had 5 near death experiences in my life. One when I was a barely born, Second, when I was 8, Third when I was 4, Fourth when I was 12 and fifth when i had just turned 16. My 2 favorite movies are Inception and Good Will Hunting. When I am driving I will either mouth off all the words to a song or be yelling at other drivers.
Posted on: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 08:27:30 +0000

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