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As the first rocket fired cheers went through the balconies over the streets. As the second rocket fired the runners fell silent. As the first runners came around dead mans corner the only thought in my head was "¿donde esta la biblotechie?" Then the ground shook and the roar of the crowd was deafening. Then all thought stopped as the first bull sled and exploded into the barrier with a crashing jolt. The first three bulls passed and I was pinned against the wall by the crowd but as the fourth and fifth bull came by I was able to jump in and run. Kevin was able to get out of the crowd faster but was stopped by a police officer because of his camera and pulled to the side of the street. I was about four feet from the bulls when someone tripped and everyone swerved right I lost contact with that group but had lost count of the bulls. People were still running and Kevin caught back up to me. There were still three bulls behind us and we could see a clear path into the ring. We sprinted and made it into the ring and for the next hour we watched and dodged bulls as the crowd played with the smaller bulls. However once I exited the ring to watch I was pickpocketed and am now phone less.
Posted on: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 07:54:52 +0000

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