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By now many of you know I took mom Nana Ella Matherly to ER yesterday around 3:45 with discomfort in her chest. She was admitted which we didnt get to her room until 8:00. Her attending physician Dr Twilley ( mom & I love her) came in to see her a little after 9:00 p, m, At that time Dr Twilley seemed to believe its a muscular issue giving mom meds to see if it would help. Mom has only slept for maybe an hour. As of now she feels about the same. With that being said for those of you that know her she is a remarkable woman with determination relying on her faith. She has many wonderful attributes kind, caring, loving to just name a few. The one I love is her sense of humor. Last time we were here she had the entire staff laughing she was the highlight of the unit they loved her so much a few had tears in their eyes as they didnt want her to leave. That alone says something about Mom. As she said she is ok at the Hotel DGH with waterview & excellent I deeply apologize to anyone who I didnt contact personally or post anything as first she was & is my main concern second I needed to contact my siblings and third there are soooooooo many people she loves & they love her that as I told mom Im going to get her very own private secretary!!! Lol Please continue to pray for Mom. We love all and thank you for your love , kindness & prayers.
Posted on: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 15:09:46 +0000

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