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Im reading minutes again and made notes with responses that Im putting in my letter. They have followed protocol but I found a few things Im not agreeing with. For example - no new provisions of dog exercise areas! As per item 4 (it does state reasonable attempts will be made - along those lines). Still you cant take away without giving back (in my view anyway). And the idea is to remove coastal exercise areas. COB have covered their butts with their approach to the governor to gain rights to ban dogs on said areas during said times from high water mark 100 meters into the Indian Ocean which is beyond the COBs boundary of jurisdiction. Dunn bay rd dog beach will disappear as it is less than 500 m in length. On a different note - I cant see why in 2012 this proposal was brought up in the first case. Anyone know? The strategic community plan 2013 definition council that engages broadly and pro-actively WITH the Community. Well there is a contradiction in terms - WITH THE COMMUNITY! The COB also did a Risk assessment which I think they underestimated. Thats as far as Ive gotten today! Got lots more reading to do and may find more answers to my questions. But need to wade through the paperwork and minutes. ;) there is so much info its hard to summerise!
Posted on: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 23:50:23 +0000

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