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On October 21, 2014 Tiger Pack leader Amanda Hawkins, Wolf Pack leader Rachel Moore, Bear Pack leader Rodney Sellers and the Webelos Pack leader Mike Bearden allowed the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the Hardin VFD give a presentation to their scouts. Also in attendance were the scouts brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and friends. Sean Crump, Shea Armstrong and Mitchell Casitie represented the Hardin VFD. They gave a presentation on Fire Safety and allowed everyone to check out their fire protection equipment and the fire engine. Sheriff Bobby Rader and Sgt. Joel Davilla gave a presentation on Crime Prevention, Stranger Danger and answered lots of questions. At the conclusion of the “stranger danger” talk Sheriff Rader asked scout Bo Fielder to help with the program. Bo was blindfolded and then a scenario was given to him. It went like this: A stranger came on the playground at school and kidnapped your friend. You are the only one that saw the stranger. The stranger was “me” (Sheriff Rader)! Now describe “me” to Sgt. Davilla so he will know who to arrest! He described “me” in detail! The only problem I had with his statement was when he said I was old and had wrinkles! Oh well…..Bo knows!
Posted on: Thu, 06 Nov 2014 14:51:03 +0000

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