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So everyone says their dad is their first love which is partly true in my case but someone quickly stole the position on July 8. 1993.... My beautiful blue eyed, curly blonde headed baby sister entered the world and I promise you I was the happiest little girl in the world. I put her through hell, and she put herself through just as much from two broken arms to a sliced up ear, drunken nights puking in wendys parking lot in high school and broken hearts plus. knots on her head that made the nurses at Lexington hospital try and accuse mom of child abuse lol. But now I sit here crying my eyes out because my baby sis isnt a baby no more shes a tough, intellectual, independent woman who I can no longer make come to our mamaws for sleep overs and car rides blaring our favorite music. I cant get mad at her like I did when I was a teenager and pull her hair for not letting me use her cell phone(I was grounded from mine a lot). I cant start a wrestling match with her so I could get really mad but never hurt her like I wanted too and eventually let her get the last lick in(shed kick my ass these days anyway). I cant prank call random phone numbers on our see through landline phone (idk why we needed our own phone line @ 7 and 9 years old anyway). I cant go to our childhood Taekwondo sparring and form tournaments in tunica and both take home 1 & 2 place trophies everytime and eventually we got our black belts together . We cant do any of those things over again but I have a sister that everyone wishes they had and theres noone that would ever replace her . SHES 21! Happy Birthday Babygirl, I love you more than you could ever imagine and miss you very much. Enjoy your day Megan Powers
Posted on: Wed, 09 Jul 2014 01:03:11 +0000

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