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So long before I loved superheroes or video games, I loved the ninja turtles. Its probably the earliest fascination that I can think of. I didnt have a lot of the toys or games because I wasnt really spoiled like that but I loved them more than probably anything else of the time. Over the years Ive watched them evolve and change a bit to keep up with the times and now this new movie is coming out and I couldnt be more excited. I think it looks absolutely fantastic in every way. As everybody knows by now, I dont have a nostalgia factor. So I always just look at every new interpretation as just that. Something new. For me its always about what can we respectfully take from whats been done before and what can we bring to the table thats new. The turtles have look different every time they are reborn and even the original cartoon and live action films have quite a bit of difference is from the original comic. The times change and the important thing is to adapt to the evolution. I was never really worried about Megan Fox because shes never really given me reason to believe shes not capable of acting. But Ive also seen her in other movies aside from Transformers, the movie which had much less to do with her acting ability so much as direction and script. But I also think she portrayed that character perfectly fine. I was never worried about Michael Bay producing it because Michael Bay has a lot of money, which would mean financially it would be taken care of. I personally was never bothered by the hyper realistic look they gave the turtles because thats what it would mean to assimilate them into the world today. But honestly by now Im very used to it and I really like the look they gave the turtles and the different ways they used clothing and accessories to accent their personalities. From everything Ive seen this just looks like a great turtles movie that takes place in modern time. All the turtles personalities seem to be well intact and the comedy and dialog also appear to be up to standard. It looks action packed and hilarious. Im almost as excited for this as I am guardians of the galaxy...almost. If you talk yourself into disliking something before you see it, chances are youll be ready to hate it even when you leave the theater. Im optimistic but the more I see of the film, the more wonderful it looks. Obviously I wont know for sure until after I see it but any doubts I had are completely non existent by this point. But hey, all I know is that when the evil shredder attacks, these turtle boys dont cut him no slack
Posted on: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 20:13:43 +0000

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