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Thanks Diane Francis for sharing this with me. Incredible. More corroboration of my recent and growing philosophical understanding: we are indeed stuck in a prison reality. This truly is a prison planet, but in more ways than one. It is spiritual on a subtle level, even to the moment of going into the white light at the moment of death, which is just a way that the program keeps us trapped in here to be harvested for the energy of our emotions, a food for the gods, who we worship in our mainstream religions, and even in the entities we pay homage to in the New Age versions of these religions. I have only watched an hour of this 2 hr 18 minute presentation, but I am amazed. Ive had a few conversations with several friends of mine on FaceBook, who can attest to experiences they have had where they have encountered sentinels, beings designed to watch for who wakes up to this reality matrix. How do we escape? I have been told that this eventually goes into that as well, but I am not there yet. This probably wont be liked by everyone, but anyone who is ready to hear this information must have access to it, therefore this isnt an attempt to convince, only to make the information available for those who are ready to receive it. https://youtube/watch?v=5PgX8l9AgzE
Posted on: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 17:44:13 +0000

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