THE DETAILS PERFORMANCE AND ACHIEMENTS OF APC GOVERNMENT IN KANO STATE BY ABBATI BAKO,psc GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS IN 1999/2003---2011/2014 1. Transparent and dynamic leadership 2. Budget discipline and avoiding deficit 3. The 75% as capital expenditure in the budget of 2013/2014 4. Blocking all ways of corruption and cheating in government system 5. The establishment of two universities in Kano State (University of Science and Technology Wudil and the Northwest University Kano) 6. The establishment of craft schools in all the 44 local government in Kano State 7. The establishment of schools for Arabic studies in all the 44 local government in Kano State 8. The establishment of 24 institutions of learning that will cater for the youths in the state 9. The massively allocating 10,000.00 Naira to rural women (hundreds of thousands) as capital to engage themselves for small-small occupation that will alleviate poverty in the state. 10. The establishment of governor’s college for the first time in the state and another governors college at Jakara area of Kano state and again the--; 11. The Lady’s college at magwan area of Kano state 12. The total redesigning of Kano State----; 13. The flyovers for the first time in Kano state 14. The Jakara drainage system that engulfed 8.7 billion Naira (the largest capital project ever within Kano municipality and environs) 15. The sponsoring of 501 postgraduate students abroad to expand and expose to the world that Kano State has come to an age in term of western education---; 16. The medical students, pilot and marine in different part of higher institutions of the world 17. The establishment of hundreds of primary and secondary schools in all the locations of Kano State 18. The establishment of new cities in Kano State; Amana, Bandarawo and Kwankwasiyya 19. The establishment of sports complex at K/Naisa 20. The total redesigning and renovation of government house for the first time since 1967 21. The establishment of KAROTA that will be sanitizing the traffic in Kano State 22. The standardizing and stabilizing electricity energy within Kano and environs for security and beautification 23. The establishment of many new hospitals/clinics across the State 24. The 5km road projects in all the 44 local government headquarters of the state 25. The free education at all level in Kano State 26. The bilinguals’ school established in Niger Republic 27. The clean water in Kano city and all the local government areas 28. The schools of Nursing and midwifery in Madobi and Gezawa 29. Another 1.7 km flyover along M/Mohammed way 30. Establishing independent State electricity energy 31. Solving the problems of Almajiri imbroglio in Kano State To be continued Abbati Bako,psc,mti,Kent,UK
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